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Monday evening: “Understanding Disease”
We will learn the foundational reason for disease and how to overcome it.
Tuesday evening: “The Silent Killer”
High Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer because it does not give a lot of symptoms before it manifests itself in heart attacks and strokes. In this meeting our goal is to put the silent killer to SILENCE!!! Come and hear how to overcome this lifestyle disease through simple, natural steps that are not expensive. Come join us.
Wednesday evening: “Diabetes-Is it really the sugar?”
Many have been told that they must watch their sugar intake, which is true; but is the sugar really the issue or is it something else? Come and find out the deeper issue connected to Diabetes Type 2. You will be amazed.
Thursday evening: “Cancer”
While there are many types of cancers, we will give a broad scope of what causes many of them and principles of how to prevent as well as overcome it.
Friday evening: “Diet and the Mind”
Come learn how food affects the mind and therefore affects our ability to hear and understand God and His words.
Saturday afternoon: “Total Temperance”
Come learn how to finally get control over hereditary tendencies, bad habits, and even addictions, as we learn one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind: the gift of Temperance!
Sunday morning or afternoon: “Taste and See Cooking Class”
This is where we get to taste and see, literally, how good God and a His counsels are.

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